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In response to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the
Utrecht University Botanical Gardens supplies seeds and other plant material in accordance
with the Code of Conduct
for Botanic Gardens and similar collections. We are part of the IPEN network (International Plant
Exchange Network) and can exchange material with other
IPEN-members without bi-lateral agreements.
Download the IPEN Agreement (PDF),
sign it and make it valid for 1, 3 or 5 years, for plant material exchange outside the IPEN network (read more about it below). You can return it by fax (see below), email or normal mail (see contact).
The current IPEN-members (List of gardens currently registered with IPEN ) and more information is listed on the BGCI webside.
Non IPEN-members has to return the "Agreement on the supply of living plant material for non-commercial purposes leaving the International Plant Exchange Network (IPEN version 2b)" which must be signed by authorized staff. This agreement can be made valid for 1, 3 or 5 years and if an agreement has been received desiderata (orders) can be given on this Web site. This Agreement (PDF) can be returned by mail or Fax (see number below).
If an agreement has been sent previous year, please check it out on validity date and find your garden (reference) code (Check Agreement from the menu).

Notes on ordering:

  • Non electronic correspondents are asked to use the order-form provided with the Agreement on the back side, which must be signed by authorized staff, and send it to the address mentioned upon it. Furthermore, they should check with their own authorities concerning import-regulations and include any necessary permits with their order.
  • The first distribution will be shortly after March 1, many seeds of limited amount will be out of stock afterward, so please order before this date.
  • Requests, with a maximum of 25 packets, will be handled in sequence of entry.

  • Please use the on line order form, or if you order by email, send requested seed numbers only and use your garden reference (garden code) in the subject line.

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