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The web based format is dynamically created directly from Atlantis BG database, using the Seed List report. It has the advantage of having many pictures of the accessions (select INDEX from the menu). It is only temporarily available (until next Seed List takes its place).
Additional we provide the Index Seminum in 2 different digital formats, for printing and future reference:

  • Acrobat PDF format (ca. 350 Kb, identical to the hard copy and you can store or print it if you like)
  • ITF2 Ansi Text (ca. 100 Kb) file format: this includes all ITF2 fields and includes much more information about verification, Taxa, Donor information, Literature etc. (this will be ideally the standard format for accession data exchange and already can be handled automatically by some databases like Atlantis Botanic Garden, for more information please contact us).

Save the link if you do not want to open it in your browser. If downloading of one of the formats is a problem, please reply and I send the desired format attached to a email message.
With kind regards,
Eric Gouda, Hans Persoon (Curators)

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