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Welcome on the collection site of the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens.
In the top right corner you find all options that you need for the Seed List. On line ordering is only possible when the IPEN criteria are met, see conditions. It is also possible to download the Seed List from this site in both PDF and ITF (text) format for future reference, but this index will be on line whole year or can be send on request by email any time.
We like to encourage other Botanic Gardens to join the IPEN network and also to produce an electronic seed list and making it possible to order on line, because this will help to protect our environment, save us money as well as time and is providing more and faster data exchange. We only send a hard copy of the seed list on request.

We provide an IPEN agreement for non IPEN gardens that can be made valid for 3 or 5 years, to make on line ordering possible. From the actual seed list form, you can check out if your curent agreement (that we received in previous years) is still valid.
Please order before March 1 (following the seed list year). The first batch of orders will
be handled in the beginning of March and many seed numbers will be exhausted after this date.
We hope we can serve you with interesting seeds this year.
With kind regards,
Eric Gouda, Hans Persoon (Curators)

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