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Living Collection Count (14-03-2007)

CollectionCountNatural Origin
1. Number of genera 1
2. Number of species total (incl. infraspecifics ranks) 3324
3. Number of undetermined accessions, excl. cultivars 4027
4. Number of accessions, excl. cultivars 4731
5. Number of cultivars (and number of accessions with special value)1(0)
6. Number of accessions of determined cultivars 0
7. Number of accessions of undetermined cultivars 1
8. Number of unnamed species (spec's) on genus level 10
9. Number of unnamed species (spec's) higher than genus level 00
10. Number of families 1

Special Value

This is a unique collection in the Netherlands, where many of the especially cushion forming species are brought together in the Rock Garden. The collection has a high degree of wild collected specimen, mostly grown from seed.


Within the Rock Garden (Alpine) collection, we do have some special genera that has our focus, like Eriogonum (Wild Buckwheat - Polygonaceae). Many Eriogonum species are very nice cushion forming plants that are suitable for the Rock Garden. The genus is restricted to Northern America (USA) and mainly a Rocky Mountain element. Many species are growing in California. Some species are highly variable and it is interesting to see that variation within the collection.
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