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Living Collection Count (24-08-2015)

CollectionCountNatural Origin
1. Number of genera 4
2. Number of species total (incl. infraspecifics ranks) 6322
3. Number of undetermined accessions, excl. cultivars 7326
4. Number of accessions, excl. cultivars 10129
5. Number of cultivars (and number of accessions with special value)0(0)
6. Number of accessions of determined cultivars 0
7. Number of accessions of undetermined cultivars 0
8. Number of unnamed species (spec's) on genus level 76
9. Number of unnamed species (spec's) higher than genus level 00
10. Number of families 1

Special Value

This collection holds several very old collections from European collectors that were used for Taxonomical research. The collections hold some very old and large impressing plants.


The Cactaceae genus Rhipsalis and some allied genera (Hatiora, Lepismium and Pseudorhipsalis) are brought together in this collection. Mostly epiphytical growing and spineless species that are hanging down from baskets in the corridor with mainly climbers in the greenhouses of the Botanic Garden.
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