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Living Collection Count (21-03-2011)

CollectionCountNatural Origin
1. Number of genera 11
2. Number of species total (incl. infraspecifics ranks) 483396
3. Number of undetermined accessions, excl. cultivars 579451
4. Number of accessions, excl. cultivars 1090840
5. Number of cultivars (and number of accessions with special value)14(0)
6. Number of accessions of determined cultivars 10
7. Number of accessions of undetermined cultivars 5
8. Number of unnamed species (spec's) on genus level 6458
9. Number of unnamed species (spec's) higher than genus level 00
10. Number of families 1

Special Value

This collection is unique in the Netherlands and the Word and has a high and reliable identification rate. More than two third of the specimen are from natural and known origin. Several clono-types [specimen that are partly used for the type of the species] are preserved in this collection and the collection is used for scientific research (several new species are described from it).


Tillandsioideae is one of the three subfamilies of the Bromeliaceae. The focus on this family has been divided over three different Botanic Gardens. The VU at Amsterdam focus on the Pitcairnioideae and Diergaarde Blijdorp on Bromelioideae.
There is a good collaboration of specialist and hobbyists within the Netherlands and all over the World. Two discussion forums are hosted by Utrecht, the Dutch [bromelia-l@nic.surfnet.nl] and international (English) [ brom-l@nic.surfnet.nl] .
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